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About Unicom Solutions

Unicom Solutions Provides Cloud Phone Service for Businesses in South East Michigan

Cloud Phone Service and Intelligent Communication Solutions at Work

Who Is Unicom?

Unicom is a provider of cloud-based and converged business communication solutions in South East Michigan and around the globe. Unicom’s converged solutions have been changing the way businesses communicate since 1983. We have partnered with leading carriers and manufacturers to deploy technologies to address the challenges of today’s fast-moving business climate.

We have experience

With more than 50 years of experience in designing, deploying and maintaining our clients business communications, our success has been not just in providing a system but providing a “single source solution”. This “single source” includes not only Cloud Voice Services, IP PBX solutions, SIP/VOIP services, data/internet services, mobility applications, and Cloud Video Surveillance, but also provides a single point of contact to support your communication eco-system.

Keeping Up With Technology

New technologies are making their impact on business communications and changing the way we communicate. This next generation of features and applications such as Unified Communications (UC), Mobility, Cloud Voice Services, IP telephony (SIP and VOIP), and Desktop Integration will produce new challenges in our fast-paced business world. Unicom Solutions is committed to bringing these technologies to you today so that you can compete effectively and won’t have to “settle for less” from your communication solution!

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